Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Thankful Ideas

I know Thanksgiving is MONTHS away but these are too cute not to share now! 

A Perfect Pumpkin Pie...or is it?
I found this in a magazine.  It's actually a chocolate chip cookie (the recipe calls for sugar- too plain for me) with orange tinted butter cream icing and a dollop of cool whip.  Then decorated with pecans.  But I fooled you- didn't I...
You can find a big cookie sheet at any craft store- I found mine at JoAnn's.

Thankful Stones
I made these for a friend who adopted my class this year.  It turned out really cute.  I love how personalized you can get with it.  

This is what you will need:
A bag of river rocks 
Acrylic paint
Paint pen
Charger plate or basket

First paint the rocks.  I left a little unpainted around the edges.  Using the paint pen, write things you (or the recipient) are thankful for.  You can also monogram one for each person in the family.  I googled "things to be thankful for" and got a bunch of ideas.  Then spray them with the sealant and let them dry.  It's a cute center piece for Thanksgiving.

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