Crafty Crew

I am constantly surrounded by creative geniuses and I love spotlighting them.
So without further adieu...

D's Tree Stool
With the addition of a grandson to our family this March, we have been able to craft with blues & greens, bow ties and owls.  Which has been a new experience for all of us.  My Mom had this great idea to surprise my sister with a hand painted stool for D's room which matched his bedding.  This was her inspiration.
With my artistic sister, Emily, assisting this is the final product! :)

Great job ladies!  I am so proud of you both!  My favorite part is the carved "D" in the tree trunk...

Momma's Nest
So my crafty friend, Lauren surprised me for Mother's Day.  She stopped by the house to drop "something" off.  It turned out to be this Momma's next charm she had made.  It's made out of wire and has 2 gems- one for each of my girl's birthstones.  So sweet!  And it's multi-functional.  It can be a necklace (as pictured) or put on a smaller ring for a key chain.  Love you Lo!

Catching the Moments...
At Natalie's birthday party our friend, Laura, took some great snapshots of Natalie and her friends.  Here is her post on her photo blog.  Thanks again!

Personalized Pumpkins
Here is another craft by Michele.  So cute!

Birthday Polka Dot, Stripes and Lady Bugs:
I love BIRTHDAY CAKES.  Not only are they yummy but they are so stinking cute!  I love seeing how creative they can get from the theme of the birthday.  Here is a few from this past weekend!

Lady Bug Cupcakes

Nat LOVED it!
Polka Dots and Stripes:

Diaper Cake

My friend, Lauren, asked me for some help with the table decorations at her baby shower.  We were originally going to make wash cloth lollipops but it didn't work out.  So we decided on mini diaper cakes (or cupcakes).  Super cute, easy and REUSABLE when the baby arrives!  :)  Unfortunately, I got the flu and her Mom stepped in to help.  They were PERFECT!  

Natalie's Song Stone

This was done by my friend, Deborah, at work.  She has this amazing cabin house in North Carolina and she collects these stones and decorates them with sayings and artwork.


Natalie, Natalie
Our sweet pea!

The N Stool

My friend, Lindsey, did this.  She is a design genius!  It was well worth the wait!  And for the record, it is NOT a time out stool!

Handmade Holiday Tees

This is a team effort between Michele and Christine.  This is an on-going process that has been so fun to do.  It includes sewing so I sit this one out...

Sock Queen

These are some little favorites made by Mary Ellen, who takes care of Natalie.  We call her Nana.  She crochets and then adds colored beads.  Perfect for any occasion AND any little girl!                      

  The Letters That Made Me Cry

Here is another Michele project.  This was a surprise and given to me at my Baby Shower.  It actually was the second present I opened and I lost it.  She had asked for the bedding a few months earlier and I was told not to ask any questions...  I couldn't of asked for anything more.  They are just perfect!


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