Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Kitchen Can Be Fun...

Things can be fun in this room.  The oven and I are still not BFF's but that's ok, right?

An Eco-friendly Soap Dispenser:
I'm not a green thumb nut- far from it.  But when I saw this on TV- I had to try it.  I know- I should of tried it with a different color soap- but this is all I had.  I mixed in a bottle of hand soap so it's not so hard on your hands and it's multi-use (I hate having all those bottles- dawn, hand soap and germ-x on the counter).  
This is what you'll need:
- A mason jar and top
- Hand soap pump
- Hole saw (make sure the diameter of the saw matches the inner diameter of the pump)
- Soap
My husband did this project...  
He used the hole saw to make a hole in the top of the jar top.  He then pushed both parts of the pump together so they fit snug.  DONE!


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