Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Candy Day!

This is more suited as a conversation piece rather than functional piece.  I think I broke 4 tops while making 3 candy holders...UGH!  

Candy Corn Holder
I found this craft online.  It was really easy to make.

This is what you will need:
1 small terracotta pot
1 small pot saucer
1 wooden doll head
1 small glass container
Epoxy glue
Black spray paint
Halloween ribbon

First paint the pot, saucer, and doll head and let dry.  Place the pot upside down and affix the glass on the top with the open side up.  Glue the doll head on the saucer.  Fill container with candy corn and top with saucer.  The top will slide off and if it lands correctly- it will break.  I put a couple dots of hot glue on the inside of the saucer so it wouldn't slide. 

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