Friday, April 15, 2011

For My Little Artist

While searching for something for work, I came across this project.  Toddler Crayons!  My husband and I kept thinking Natalie needed a chunkier crayon to color with but the ones out there look like they would crumble or they weren't worth the price.  So I made these.  Super easy!  The part that took the most time was unwrapping the crayons and breaking them.  I would say I used 4 boxes of crayons.  Put them in cupcake/muffin tins or if you have shaped tins- that would be even cuter!  I've also seen them done with different colors.  My green turned out a little marbled- which I like.  Set the oven to 325 and put them in for about 12 minutes.  Check to make sure that all the crayons have melted and VOILA!

*My friend has also made these using the shaped tins...



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