Sunday, March 31, 2013

For a New Family of 5

We have spent the past few days in good old South Carolina.  Catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and celebrating a lot!  My husband's dear friend, Charles and his new wife April, got married at the cutest venue in Marietta, SC.  Together with her 2 daughters,Caitlyn and Morgan, and his daughter, Hannah (one of Nat's besties) they have created a wonderful family of 5.  The weather was perfect and the bride & groom were the epitome of happiness.  The gift was our presence but I broke that rule...I have been wanting to try a family established sign.  So the Harris' are my first attempt at this and I think it came out perfect!  

I am in process of creating one for my family but putting the established on top and adding an expanding part at the bottom with Natalie & Olivia's birth years.  I'll post it when I finish it.

So here is to the Harris family and a lifetime of love and happiness.  Thank you for allowing us to share in your special day!

Maggie & co.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

S is for Sisters...

The play area is still lacking decor SO I jumped onto Pinterest to find inspiration.  A  friend of mine re pinned this which I instantly fell in love with!  So I went to work.  Gotta love DJ Inkers font and the simple addition of a basic frame from Michaels!
(You can't tell in the picture by the N's are purple and the O's are pink)

Maggie & co.

Lucky the Leprechaun

Lucky the leprechaun came to our house (well just Nat's play area) and had a great time playing with her toys.  Unfortunately she was up at the crack of dawn and he didn't clean up in time.  BUT he did leave a treasure hunt for his gold to make up for his lack of cleaning skills...

The note from Lucky {printable here}
I found it!
He even dyed (what little milk we had left) green!
And magically made it taste like french fries!

I love the magic of a child's imagination!  

Maggie & co.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stay Calm & Taste the Rainbow!

This St. Patrick's Day I decided to make "St. Patrick's Day in a jar".  This is what you will need:

- Mason jars (Dollar Tree)
- Skittles (a bag per jar- you'll use 2 handfuls of each color) 
- Rolos (Dollar Tree)
- Marshmallows (a handful for each jar)
- Ribbon
- Tag

I made 3 for Natalie's teachers and 1 for my sister (who watches Olivia).  That is why the printable tags are not all the same- the tops left one is different.

Leesa Dykstra printable
Everyone loved them and they were simple to make!

Erin Go Bragh {Ireland Forever} 

Maggie & co.

P.S.- We are currently cleaning up Natalie's play room.  Hope a leprechaun doesn't come mess everything up and lead us on a treasure hunt for his gold!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dr. Seuss

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday my class spent the whole week reading his books, drawing his characters, and thinking what it would be like to be in one of his books.  I have to say I love the idea of Dr. Seuss but his books take 17 hours to read and frankly give me a headache BUT the kids love them and they were so excited!  We started the week off with a listen and draw Cat in the Hat picture.  Forgot to take pictures but found in on Pinterest...
Cat in the Hat
My Literacy Centers were taken over by Dr. Seuss as well.
- Word Work- I had a Dr. Seuss rhyme match printable and then they practiced their sight words on the back.
- Writing- They were to think what would happen if Thing 1 and Thing 2 came to their house.  Write and illustrate it.
- Listening- They listened to The Cat in the Hat and drew their favorite part.  They copy the title, label their picture and write a sentence about it on the back.

Other activities:
- My Many Colored Days
- Green Eggs and Ham
- My favorite Dr. Seuss book
- Thing 1 or 2 hand print craft
- Cat in the Hat hat (that the kiddos wore on Friday)
- Dr. Seuss book (written and illustrated by the kiddos) INSPIRATION

On Friday Natalie's preschool also celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday.  She and her cousin, who is in the same class, dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2...I found a large picture of a 'thing' printed it out- traced in on laminated paper and attached it to a headband.  Signs are self explanatory.

Thanks Dr. Seuss and Happy Birthday!

Maggie & co.


This Valentine's Day was a blur.  The whole Kindergarten puts on a program for their families, so the weeks prior were chaos.  The show was adorable and everyone did a great job!
This year I created Natalie's Valentines again and decided to use them for my kiddos as well.  I was in Target one day and they have Market Pantry tic-tac-toe fruit snacks.  So I created a tic-tac-toe game on a heart.  Super simple!  Side note- Market pantry has put out a few more holiday themed fruit snacks...

My kiddos also got a paint chip bookmark.  Trimmed them, hole punched the top, added ribbon, then wrote something on each {XOXO, Hugs, Love and Read}.

I made pretzel/Hershey hugs/M & M treats for Natalie's teachers but I forgot to take a picture of them...
I used the butter snap pretzels, Hershey hugs, and Valentine M & M's.  I bought regular kisses but they never melted.  Note to self- always use hugs.  I wanted to make a 'Hugs and Kisses' tag to go with them but it wouldn't of made sense with out the kisses...So I printed out the alphabet 'I heart U' chart and wrote what Natalie loved about each of her teachers and had her sign them.

So now let the month of March begin with all of its fun crafts, treats, and holidays.

Maggie &co.