Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

So with Valentine's Day 2012 quickly coming to a close I thought I would share what I did...
Even though Miss Nat had a case of the gunky eyes and missed out on going to school today- I still dropped off her valentines and some treats for the teachers because they are simply awesome (the teachers)!

Found this on Pinterest and Natalie was all about making them with Mommy.  The only downfall was that the only place that carried the mold was Walmart- which I'm not a fan of...  That aside- they turned out super cute.  The tag said "Have a {colorful} Valentine's Day".

I also made these homemade heart shaped chocolate dipped rice krispy treats.  This was interesting to make and Andy actually helped me a lot.  Starting with accurately reading the directions...  Perfect bite size snacks and somewhat healthy versus everything else they probably ate today.

These were for the director of Nat's school (middle) and her teachers (sides).  The tag said "I dig you" to go with the shovel in the bag/coffee cup.  The teachers had caramel filled kisses and the director had Valentine M & M's.  The teachers also had a hand print heart- which is listed below.

Her school has a small staff so everybody knows everybody (and every kid) so I make something for the whole staff.  I wanted to make these cookies but time ran out.  So I settled for heart shaped chocolate chip cookies iced with heart sprinkles.  You can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies...

Last but definitely not least...I made them a long distance hug {also Pinterest} for Natalie's Grandparents.  They are both hanging somewhere in their respected houses.  This is also another shot of her hand print heart.
Ok now off to start and finish a special celebration craft for one of Natalie's teachers who is moving to another class by Friday...

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