Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All Tied Up In Blue

This past weekend I helped throw a baby shower for my sister, Jenny, and the first boy in the Kluga family, "Cooper".  It was a lot of fun to put together and it was just icing on the cake that I was able to do it with such amazing ladies- Mema, Aunt Em and the Wonderful Cake ladies (Mandy, Melissa & Sandy).
I fell in love with this tie bunting and the theme was set!
I saw a yarn wrapped wreath on Pinterest and I just had to do it.  It wasn't my favorite thing in the process (I thought my wrists were going to detach from my arms) but I love how it turned out.  I followed the tutorial for the felt flowers here and everything was bought at JoAnn's.

My Mom was planning on doing a diaper cake so I decided I would tackle a diaper tricycle.  Of course, after I made it I found a motorcycle which would have been cute too.  But again, I am really happy with how it turned out.

The one and only game was the traditional "Don't say baby" game but with a little twist.  Jenny and Andy don't have a name picked out so we added the word "name" to the game.  They had to be little bowties and neckties to go with the theme.  This was probably the cutest part of the party.  Congrats to Dawn!  Hope your Starbucks was delicious!

In addition to the game- I put together these "Advice Cards".  Guests were able to pick who they were giving the advice to and write it below.  I wish I had this passed out while Jenny was opening presents.  It would have been cute getting one from each guest.  There's always next time...

The bunting!!!  I bought the scrap booking paper from Joann's and traced the bow ties and neckties then attached them on the ribbon.  One said 'Mommy's Little Man', another said 'Daddy's Little Buddy' and the last one said 'Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy'.  They were super cute!

 Favors are a hard thing to decide on.  You want something cute but something guests won't throw away.  Insert Mema and Aunt Em!  Sugar bow tie and necktie cookies!  There were 2 tags- "All tied up in blue for the little man's debut" and "All tied up in blue- sending our love to the Armanious crew".  They were a hit!

The cake was from JJ Gandy's and the Cake Ladies do not dissapoint!  It was delicious and super cute!  Bravo girls and thank you again!

I came across this subway art in one of the baby shower blogs I found.  The best part was that it was FREE!!!  Thank you Simple Crafter!  The washcloth cupcakes were fun to make too.  I found a cupcake sleeve template, wrapped the washcloths and added the red pom pom for a cherry.  

I enjoyed playing with all the blue and bow ties but my Andy is happy to have me back...for the moment.


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