Monday, June 4, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

So I know teacher appreciation was last month but I am just getting back into a routine after Olivia's arrival.  Since Olivia's birth, Nat has been going to school 3 days a week- which worked out great for Mommy during Teacher Appreciation Week! {Only 3 gifts}  Here are just a few things I did for Nat's teachers at her school.
*You will notice that The Wednesday gift is missing- it was a small glass container of flowers and the tag read, "Thanks for helping Natalie bloom".  Stupid camera...
Thursday Treat
Friday Fun
Friday Yummies for the whole staff
Now off to figure out end of the year gifts.  Nat's End of the Year party is Wednesday and her last day is Friday.  Then it's off to Little Cougars in the fall.  I am so grateful to her current school for everything they have done.  We'll miss you guys!

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