Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Beach Jewelry Holder

This past week we went on a night cruise to 3 Rooker and even though we had close encounters with both a type of sting ray :( AND dolphins :) I was able to find a untouched mussel shell in mint condition AND in one piece.  I brought it back- soaked it, then bleached it in a 50/50 solution.  I had to repair it a little at the hinge which I did with hot glue.  It didn't want to lay flat so I attached a washer on the bottom and a little piece of felt so it wouldn't scratch my dresser.  Finally- I put a layer of baby oil on it- which made it shine!  A beach jewelry holder...
I don't know if I've posted this or not.  When we were at the sandbar north of Anclote last summer- I started collecting shells with Nat and placed them in the shape on an /S/.  Uploaded the picture to CVS and inserted it into their Easel Art piece.  
Love more!
These shells are in a pretty pink basket in Nat's bathroom- a cute, easy and cheap way of decorating!

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