Monday, July 18, 2011

Sand Dollar Art

Here is another project that includes some of the things we have collected on our island trips.  This one was my sister, Emily's idea.  I love that I am surrounded by such amazingly creative people!  So she collected an immense amount of sand dollars during her vacation here.  Don't worry none of them were alive.

{And on a side note- if you desire sand dollars at any time go the the north end outside part of Anclote Key.  We nicknamed it Sand Dollar Island on the 4th of July.  Crazy amounts of sand dollars just lying around.}
We soaked them in a water/bleach solution- rinsed them REALLY good (Thanks Mom) and let them dry.
In the meantime- we purchased a white shadow box and some material that would match Natalie's bathroom- where this piece ended up.

She used hot glue to attach the sand dollars to the material.  

And viola!

It fits in perfectly with the color scheme in her bathroom and I love that it's a piece COMPLETELY from her Aunt Emily!  <3

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