Saturday, July 2, 2011

Natalie's play area is under construction...

My summer project is to make Natalie's play area downstairs even cuter.
I have gotten some great ideas from blogs all over the place.  The most inspiring one would be Modern Parents Messy Kids.  It's SUPER simple and all from IKEA.  I went the other day and got the magnetic board and spice containers but am waiting to put it up.
The reason is we are going to add this piece to the area so we need to wait to see if things shift.  Seems Natalie's toys are oozing everywhere!

I'm not a painter so I need to add stuff to the wall that's easy- insert vinyl wall art!  LOVE THIS STUFF!  I found a super cute vinyl tree at Baby Gift Station.

Reading to her friends
Then we have my PLAY project.  This was actually inspired from the show Cougartown.  Jules has a fun fabric covered EAT in her kitchen.  I bought the letters and fabric from Joann's.

First I painted the letters so the lighter fabrics wouldn't show the cardboard.
The I put the letters face down and traced them on the fabric.  I made sure the leave enough space around  it.
I put some cotton filler...
A little will go a long way
Cut the letters out of the fabric and wrapped them around the cardboard letters with a staple gun.  There was a lot of cutting and stapling.

I then covered the sides with folded material.
Just so Natalie remembers what to do in this area!
 So those are the updates so far.  Hopefully by the end of the month we'll be done!

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