Wednesday, July 27, 2011

She's a Growing Girl

So Natalie is 2 1/2 and we have JUST hung up her growth chart...  
Never too late- she'll never stop growing.  
I found the chart through zulily (which deserves it's own posting).  It's a company called petite lemon PRINTS and they have a wide range of fun things but are known for their decor, stationery and gifts.  They have SUPER cute colors, fonts, characters, EVERYTHING.  I could buy the whole store!  They also personalize items which I was ALL for!
The chart came in PERFECT form (rolled) which is the way it stayed for a LONG time while I figured out how to hang it without ruining it.  In the meantime, I bought some cork board drawer liner and a removable hook.  I have a plethora of ribbon (especially lavender) and sticky tac.  Unrolled the chart in our garage and let the humidity do the work!  :)       
I then carefully attached the chart to the sticky side of the cork board- which was nerve racking!  Hung it up on the wall and attached the ribbon to the hook...
Such a big girl!
Now I haven't added any of her check up heights- I feel like I'll criticize my handwriting every time I look at it! When she stood in front of it though she was somewhere in the neighborhood of 34-36 inches!  Such a big girl!
How big is Natalie?
So thank you Petite Lemon Prints for making such a great product that we'll treasure every inch of the way...
SUPER CHEESY- but I had to!

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