Saturday, April 20, 2013

Livi's Minnie-tastic Day

I can't believe Olivia will be 1 on Tuesday.  Why have the last 361 days flown by so quickly!?!?  I feel like it was yesterday that we came home with her...
Today she was surrounded by friends and family who love her dearly but also those who couldn't (due to thousands of miles that separate us).  I wouldn't have been able to pull this one off without my husband.  He is a trooper and simply amazing.  Even though I think we both agree that park parties are the way to go!
I planned a sweet little Minnie Mouse birthday party for Livi and this is how it turned out...

Super sweet

Yarn wrapped wreath.  This time with fun carpet making yarn.  Felt Minnie and scalloped sign.

Happy Birthday sign at front door.

Minnies everywhere

Love writing on mirrors with EXPO markers!  Saved so much on ribbon.

Had leaftover yarn and used it to hang some Minnies in the play area.

Another mirror bunting
Made the subway art.  This was my inspiration
Cupcakes by Sugardarlings

Cupcake toppers

12 months of Livi!
Food signs. LOVE how these came out!

She was unimpressed with our singing...

She just wanted to play with the icing.

Watch me as I slap some in my hair!

Love this face!

It was a great day and she is now dreaming about how fun it will be to be ONE!  While her Mommy drags herself to the fridge for a glass of wine and an emotional trip down Memory Lane.  The days are long but the years are short!
After I snap out of this it's off to plan Natalie's Tangled Party!

Hope your day was a happy as Livi's!

Maggie & co.

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