Tuesday, June 11, 2013

End of the Year

Nothing like a rainy day to update the blog.  Day 2 of summer and if it continues like this- I'll be wishing for August!  Yicky weather and out of routine 4 year olds...FUN!
For End of the Year gifts for Nat's teachers, my Room Mom and Adopt a Class family I made bricks.  Here's one:

I've done a few before {here} but I love the simple initial and the colors were perfect!  The paver was 37 cents and the paint all together MIGHT have been $5 for all 5 bricks I did.  I realized the day I NEEDED to do them that I had 1 paintbrush from a crayola set (not ideal but I made it work).  I used a pencil eraser and half of a plastic easter egg and went to work!  Each one was different- which is what I love about them.  Everyone seemed to like them.  I sprayed them with a glossy weatherproof coat so they could go in a garden, on a patio or front stoop.  I guess I should make one for me...

Last Friday was Nat's last day as a Garnet Cougar (she'll be a Golden Cougar in the fall).  I did this last minute and realized after snapping the picture that Daddy wasn't involved and would have definitely told me to turn a light on...She's holding the picture we took on the first day of school.  She has grown so much!

Now off to work on my new word wall cards for next year!  Woohoo!

Maggie & co.

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