Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Summer!

Natalie's last day at her current school is Friday and I just finished up gifts for her current teachers, previous teacher, school director and dance teacher.  We have enjoyed our time at Alpha & Omega and will miss the whole staff next year.  But just think, Livi will be there in no time.  For now, we look forward to Natalie becoming a Little Cougar in the fall (which I am SUPER excited about!)  Can't believe she'll be in pre-k though!  Again for inspiration I searched Etsy and Pinterest and this is what I decided on...

Top: little pink tin bucket (Hobby Lobby) with travel size germ-x (Target), sunscreen (Publix), and a nail polish (Target) all wrapped in a towel (Target). Tied with raffia (which can give you splinters- I know from personal and very recent experience).
Bottom: reusable plastic drink containers (Hobby Lobby) filled with a variety of propel and crystal light water mixes (Publix).
BTW- I love this stool from IKEA.  Best $14 I have spent at that store!

Close up of the pink container for her teachers
Beach Day Recipe Tag
Drink container tag

So there you have it.  All I have to do is bake a box of muffins for the fantastic staff and I'm done.  Happy summer to all but especially to all you teachers out there!  Now I'm off to enjoy the little bit of sanity I have left before summer begins...

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