Monday, December 30, 2013

Proof I Didn't Fall Off the Earth...

So I've been MIA on CraftyFamily the last 6 or so months.  Don't worry I haven't gone dormat- just frantically crazy and everytime I would tell myself to sit down and blog about the project I just completed- it would be weeks later... So here's round up of the last few months and the crafts that have resulted from them.

My friend, Jenn, requested a couple of subway art pieces.  The first is an original.  She needed a camping piece for a baby shower.  I have 2 girls so I know nothing about camping.  Thank goodness for google.

The second is a re-make of something she found on Pinterest.  Blogger won't let me upload the final piece but you get the idea.  I love how they both turned out. 

I stole this one from my sister (Thanks, Jenny).  It's a filing folder crate from Staples with a file for each of us, one for coupons, and of course one is miscellaneous.  I keep school pictures, cards from Aunts, articles from friends at school in them or just the junk that piles on the kitchen counter.  I googled printable claendars and found this one.  Voila!   

My friend, Lauren, had a Pinterest party at her house and we started the next two crafts at her house.  Imagine this first one stapled to a post with a beautiful burlap bow (Thanks Jenny again).  I hate my freehand writing and stenciling & I are no longer talking.  So, thank goodness for DJ Inkers font, my laptop and the projector.  I wish Andy took a picture of me tracing the letters.  It was super ridiculous but turned out amazing. 

This next one is a mason jar & candle stick glued together.  I'm not big into Halloween decorations but this I can handle.  And I mean it holds candy...

Every Halloween since Natalie was born I give candygrams to a few people at work & Natalie's teachers.  This year we made a Frakenstein foot.  Black toes, green foot, googly eyes, sharpie marker & ribbon.  Done.

This Halloween I set alot of high goals for myself.  Natalie wanted to be a mermaid so naturally Livi would be as well.  My friend, Michele, found a towel mermaid tail on Pinterest and it was all down hill from there.  So I bought to towels, ribbon, batting, and procrastinated for about 2 weeks.  Thank goodness my mother-in-law is good with a sewing machine!  I traced the shell bra out of beige felt & made a starfish for their hair and ribbon belt.  They looked super adorable!     

I had to stay home with Livi one day so instead of doing something around the house or finishing something I started I thought I would go to Joann's...  I came back with 2 projects to complete.  I really love how this wreath turned out.  I love making these felt flowers.  The s is just a wooden letter wrapped with twine.  It's not pretty up close and I think I only have 4 viable fingerprints left but I love it.

This next one started out as a Christmas picture prop but when it was made and stored on the tree then left in on the driveway when we went to take our pictures- it permanently became a tree decoration.  Which is fine because it would have clashed with the girls' bathing suits.  Everything happens for a reason...  I think i adjusted it everytime I would walk by the tree but it did look nice. 

How I love and loathe Pinterest at times...  This is a family thumbprint ornament.  I love the scalloped edges and the size differences in our thumbs.  I just wish I did it last year for our first Christmas as a family and that there were less cracks in it...  BUT I LOVE IT.

Ok so that should catch you up to present day.  Won't do that again...

Maggie & co.

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