Monday, December 30, 2013

Kindness Week 2013

Most of you know my connection to Newtown, CT & Sandy Hook Elementary School so it only made sense starting a Kindness Week at my school that fell on the week of the anniversary of the tragedy.  I was amazed with what my kiddos told me about being kind or when someone is kind to them.  Warm my heart to know I was spreading love and kindness. 

Day One:  I asked the kiddos what it meant to be kind.

Day Two:  We wrote a letter to Ms. Henny who cleans to K POD.  They helped me write it and all the K POD kiddos signed it.  She loved it!

Day Three: Found this on Pinterest.  I love how the empty space makes a heart.  They decorated their hands with kind words we listed together, kind pictures & symbols.

Day Four:  A Kindness Chain.  I had them write about a time they were kind to someone.  Next year I am starting this at the beginning of the year and added a chain everytime one of our friends is kind to someone else.  I love the Kindness is Contagious sign.  So true!

 Day Five:  I wrote "We Are Kind" on chart paper and everyone signed it.  I have a picture of it but the kiddos are in it.  All of these things (Except Henny's note) is on our kindness wall.

Evil may have visited the village of Sandy Hook last year but love will always reside there. 

Do a random act of kindness today.

Maggie & co.

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