Sunday, January 13, 2013

Natalie's 4th birthday pARRRty

For Natalie's 4th birthday party she wanted a pirate princess theme...And being the anti-birthday in a box I started from scratch.  We reserved our normal park shelter and hoped for good weather...we had the most perfect weather you could ask for (minus a little wind while setting up everything went as planned.)  I do this every year with Natalie's birthday- I start planning in November but am ALWAYS pulling it all together the week before!
Our Pirate Princess and her little matey:

I made bunting that said YO HO HO and AHOY MATEYS but with the wind I could only catch a picture of this one:

We changed it up this year in the food department.  We went with Jimmy John's sandwiches and some snacky sides...

I love finding stuff to use around my houses for parties. Example A- this treasure box holding the silverware was my Nana's...
And germ-X is a must!
Here are the food and labels:
Peg legs
Salted meat and seaweed
... & Chips
I ordered the cupcakes from Sugardarlings and I would do it over today!  I made the cupcake toppers- so easy and way cheaper than buying them...

Each matey got a bandanna, eye patch, some pirate gold and a tattoo.  This treasure box is from iParty.

We had so much fun celebrating Natalie's 4th birthday will all of her friends and family!  The weather was beautiful, the food was great and she got some amazing presents!  Thanks again to everyone who helped out...

Sleeping pirate
Maggie & co.

PS- I have printables saved on my computer but I'm too lazy to put them on sribd so just e-mail me and I will send them to you in a PDF.

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