Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Counting Our Blessings

I thought I would post our Thanksgiving treats while I'm on a bow making break! 
Natalie started school in August and she loves it but even more they love her!  Couldn't ask for more!  To show them how thankful we are for them I sent in the following:

Some Thanksgiving Love
So this includes the following:
A brown paper bag I picked up from JoAnn's. 
I created the tag at Wordle- WHICH I LOVE!  You type in words and then you can choose the layout, color, etc.  You can print it and frame it.  Or you can print, scan and make smaller versions of them like I did.  SO CUTE!  I used all kinds of Thanksgiving words: turkey, feast, thankful, grateful, celebrate, harvest, family, Thanksgiving, blessings, pies, home.
Those are pecan bars that are quickly disappearing in my house.  I saw the recipe on 5 Ingredient Fix and they were easy to make.
I threw in a bag of fall colored M&M's I sorted myself.  I was going to add the Thankful buttons I did below but they were all smushed in the bag.  So M&M's it is!
Natalie wanted to draw a picture for each bag.  She's is all about the Handprint Turkey!

I made some extra Pecan bars and threw together some Thankful Buttons for the staff at her school.  I wanted to make this treat at first but I couldn't find round pretzels except online AND I wasn't too keen about their name...  There's alot of little steps for this one- unwrap all of the kisses- laying out all of the pretzels.  So make sure you have enough time and enough patience!

Love these colors!

Nat's down for a nap- but when she wakes up we're in full blown Thanksgiving mode.  I need to make my Bourbon Pecan pie and we have some Handprint Turkeys to make. 
As Natalie would say, "Happy Turkey Day!"  
Enjoy your family, friends and whoever you are blessed to be around tomorrow!

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