Friday, December 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

This year I went ahead and did a '12 days of Christmas' for Natalie's teachers at her preschool.  My friends and I ransacked Pinterest and I found the "Days of Christmas" tags here.
Day 1
A small container of germ-x, a tree paint chip tag that reads, "Have a happy & healthy holiday season!"
 Day 2
This one was tricky...It is a white chocolate dipped oreo covered with crushed peppermint.
Day 3
8 Malt balls and 1 red peanut M & M. 
Day 4
Nail polish.  The tag reads, "For Your Mistle Toes"
Day 5
A small pack of Twizzlers.  The tag reads, "Twizz" the  season to be jolly!"
Day 6
2 packs of gum wrapped in a snowman cover.
Day 7
A bag of Candy Cane kisses.  The tags reads, "Sending you warm wishes and candy cane kisses this holiday season".
Day 8
Thanks to Michele I did nothing for this treat.  It's a clear ornament, filled with fake snow and 'joy' written using her Cricut.
Day 9
The least cute one... 2 packs of hot cocoa and a bunch of mini marshmallows (Nat's new fave)
Day 10
A container of green tic tacs (which are hard to come by).  You can find the grinch pill tag here.
Day 11
A holiday themed chapstick.  The tag reads "Merry Kissmas and a chappy new year!"
Day 12
The finale!
A coffee mug (to go with their Keurig the whole preschool got for them), a salt dough ornament, a Starbucks gift card, a Ghiradelli chocolate and a button ornament card made by Nat. 
I had lots of fun making them but even more fun giving them.  It was a nice way to show them how much we appreciate them and the craziness they go through each holiday season!

Maggie & co.

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