Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall Teacher Treats

I thought I should recap Halloween and Thanksgiving treats before posting about our Thanksgiving Day!  For Halloween I made a family pumpkin.  The orange part is Natalie's palm prints, the brown stem is Olivia's footprint, and the green leaves are mine and Andy's thumbprints. Really cute and something  I will eventually frame and use as decor.

I scanned it and shrunk it to fit on a tag for Natalie's teacher treats.  I dyed melted chocolate and dipped pretzels into it to make pumpkins then added green M & M's for stems.  I had leftover glass containers from my sister's baby shower and some green crinkle paper.  I attached the sign to a stick and VOILA...a pumpkin patch!

The pre-school had a Halloween party and I made the mummy wrapped juice boxes.  Super simple and quick but I cannot find the picture to save my life!  Ugh!  I think it's something you could do for almost any holiday.
For Thanksgiving I bought a bag of Reese's pieces.  I created the tag using one of my favorite DJ fonts.  The turkey is Natalie's thumbprint and I added the colorful details.  Love finding leftover bags!

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